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Its my birthday.....

Hey everyone,


So my bones and creeking and I'm getting old.....45 to be exact. Sometimes I'm surprised I even made it this far. Its for sure been hit or miss.


This year I need to be making music. I got rid of my Native Instruments Maschine to buy the new one and have not been able to free up enough funds to buy it. I have a deep and unfufilled desire to get some releases out this year. This is where you come in.


If you want to help make my dreams come true, please don't buy me some junk I'm gonna throw in my drawer, or buy me a beer that is gone by the end of the night. Please donate anything you can spare towards getting some studio equiptment so I can make some music. Even $1 will help towards my goal but I will gratefully accept anything you can spare. I love you.


Who ever donates will get a copy of my first release on promo before it hits the download stores and will remain on my promo email list for evermore.


I really appreciate all of you.


Big Love


Mikey High Jinks